TFFs Picks: 10 Eco-Friendly Brands by Filipinas

Find 10 eco-friendly brands that will help you make the switch to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle! (Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Brands mentioned here are personal favorites of J and E.)

In this issue, we featured Filipina entrepreneurs who are leading the market in producing eco-friendly and sustainable products. Their brands (and others on this list) sell natural, reusable, and/or recycled products that will enable you to do you part in protecting and preserving Mother Nature. If you've been thinking about transitioning into a more eco-conscious lifestyle, here is your chance to make it happen! By supporting these businesses, you are not only decreasing your impact to the environment—you will also be supporting Filipinas and the jobs that they create.

1. Messy Bessy

Messy Bessy was founded by Kristina Reyes-Lopez in 2007. The brand produces natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic home and personal care products. Both of us personally love using their Minty Orange Surface Cleaner, Room and Linen Spray in Lavender, and Squeaky Clean Glass Cleaner. We've been using these for some time now and they're awesome!

Aside from their amazing products, we love supporting this brand because they provide education, employment, and rehabilitation for at-risk young adults who were formerly abused, trafficked, incarcerated, and/or impoverished. Helping the disadvantaged is part of their advocacy. In fact, Kristina is also the founder of Helping OUrselves through Sustainable Enterprises or HOUSE Foundation, which aims to transform the lives of at-risk young adults by teaching them practical skills, providing them with emotional support, and equipping them with financial literacy programs.

What are their products?

  • Home Care

  • Bath & Body

  • Men's Care

  • Baby Care

  • Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Where can you purchase their products?

2. Humble Market

The Humble Market is a holistic wellness company that was founded by Roanna Medina, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. The company believes in five core values: mindfulness, integrity, optimism, inner strength, and humility.

We love the Humble Market because they make sustainable products more accessible to the public! Their stores are also zero-waste and package-free. You can bring your own reusable food containers to the store (or buy them there if you don't have any) so you can further reduce your impact to the environment.

What are their products?

  • Food

  • Accessories

  • Self Care

  • Home Care

  • Pet Care

Where can you purchase their products?

  • Humble Market

  • Visit their stores: YDG Coffee (Ground Floor, Mandala Park, Mandaluyong City) and Group & Boiler Coffee Co. (Molito Lifestyle Center, Muntinlupa City)

  • Follow the Humble Market on Instagram or visit their website for more information!

3. Zero Basics PH

Zero Basics is a vegan beauty and skin care line that was founded by Jana Sevilla. She got the idea after failing to find skin care products that work for her sensitive skin. Because she's vegan, she also wanted to create products that are made from natural ingredients.

We are both obsessed with skin care products and are always looking to try new things. When we found Zero Basics on Instagram, we were curious to say the least. Their products are made with ingredients that did not come from or were tested on animals. They also don't use chemicals with names you can't pronounce—so you know exactly what you're putting on your skin! Plus, their non-plastic containers are refillable and reusable too.

What are their products?

  • Skincare

  • Insect Repellent

  • Hand Sanitizer

  • Oral Care

Where can you purchase their products?

4. Human Nature

Founded by sisters Anna Meloto-Wilk and Camille Meloto, Human Nature is one of the biggest all-natural brands in the country. We love using their skin care line because we know that they don't use any chemicals that are harsh to our sensitive skins. In particular, we are big fans of their lip balms!

Aside from the fact that they have a wide catalog and that their stores are easily accessible, Human Nature also has a pro-Philippines, pro-poor, and pro-environment advocacy. All of their products are made in the Philippines, they purchase raw materials from farmers at a reasonable price, and they partner with Gawad Kalinga to develop local organic farms that are globally-certified. Moreover, they use naturally-derived and biodegradable ingredients that are processed to remain eco-friendly when released to the environment as consumers use them in their daily lives.

What are their products?

  • Skin Care

  • Hair Care

  • Makeup

  • Bath & Body

  • Men's Care

  • Baby & Kids Care

  • Oral Care

  • Home Care

  • Wellness

  • Food & Drink

Where can you purchase their products?

5. Simula PH

Celina Reyes-Alejandrino and Maan Aguila founded Simula PH with a simple mindset: "Change starts with you."

In fact, "simula" means "to start" in English, which is what their advocacy as entrepreneurs is all about. They wanted to make eco-friendly and sustainable products more accessible to Filipinos so that we can all start the change with ourselves in our homes.

Simula sells their own reusable and sustainable products which include cutlery, food containers, tote bags, cotton rounds, and menstrual pads. But they also carry products from other eco-friendly brands such as Amihan Organics, Auntiedote, GROW PH, The Little Green Home, and The Right Stuff. Celina and Maan curates the store themselves, and they make sure that they've tried the products before they put it in their store.

What are their products?

  • Gift Sets

  • Body & Bath

  • Home Decor

  • Kitchen

  • Laundry

  • Menstrual Tools

Where can you purchase their products?

6. EcoNest PH

One of our biggest challenges as women who want to live more eco-conscious lifestyles is online shopping. We understand that online stores need to use plastic materials (like bubble wrap) to protect our purchases during transit. However, this leads to so much waste.

This is why we are so pleased that a company like EcoNest exists. Co-founded by Nikki Sevilla, EcoNest PH provides biodegradable plastic alternatives to entrepreneurs and businesses so that they can reduce their impact to the environment. Remember that when it comes to plastic, the end product is not the only thing that damages the environment; its production also involves chemicals that pollutes the planet.

EcoNest PH has three brand pillars:

  1. Prevent further damage to nature by providing eco-friendly plastic alternatives.

  2. Sustain the transition of businesses to more eco-friendly solutions through education so that change is more permanent.

  3. Cure environmental issues by developing creative solutions and facilitating activities for their partners.

What are their products?

  • Cassava Biobags

  • Bamboo Fiber Straws

  • Sugarcane Takeaway Containers

  • Wooden Utensils

  • Custom Products

Where can you purchase their products?

7. Sinaya Cup

It's no secret that menstrual products are one of the least sustainable products in the world. According to National Geographic, in a lifetime, a woman will use between 5 and 15 thousand pads and tampons! Since most of these menstrual products are made of plastic, they end up in a landfill for a really long time. Some of the menstrual products that we'll use will probably outlive us. Imagine what kind of impact that has on Mother Earth.

Thankfully, there are brands like Sinaya Cup that allow us to find more sustainable alternatives to something that we really need. Sinaya Cup produces menstrual cups made from medical-grade silicones that can stay in the body for up to 12 hours. You can use it for up to two years if kept and washed properly. Aside from their popular menstrual cup, they also sell sustainable and reusable alternatives for panty liners.

What are their products?

  • Menstrual Cup

  • Feminine Wash

  • Panty Liner

  • Heat Pack for Cramps

Where can you purchase their products?

8. Kua by Nicole

Kua By Nicole is a line of handmade and natural shampoo and conditioner bars. These bars are paraben and sulfate-free, so they are gentle to your hair and scalp.

After experiencing a significant amount of hair fall due to her medications, J has been in the search for shampoo and conditioner alternatives that will protect and revitalize her hair. However, a lot of handmade and natural products in the market are kind of pricey. And so, when she saw Kua by Nicole on Instagram, she was pleased to find that there is an affordable brand that sells exactly what she's looking for! Plus, these shampoo and conditioner bars are tailored for Filipina hair, too!

What are their products?

  • Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

Where can you purchase their products?

9. The SORA Life

The Sora Life believes that beauty can be balanced with sustainability. This brand was founded by Mari Jasmine and Christine Dahl and they produce beautifully designed towels that are made from recycled fabric. Certified by the Global Recycle Standard, each Sora towel is made of about eight plastic bottles.

Aside from their light, absorbent, and fast drying multi-purpose towels, they also produce cotton drawstring bags that are biodegradable and made from 100% cotton. They also use paper packaging that are made from recycled wheat straws. If you love to go to the beach or practice yoga, you need to check out their towels!

What are their products?

  • Multi-Purpose Towels (beach, yoga, etcetera)

  • Drawstring Market Bag

Where can you purchase their products?

10. Rags2Riches, Inc.

When Reese Fernandez founded Rags2Riches, Inc., she had two major goals in mind—to empower local artisans in the Philippines and to prove that fashion can be sustainable too.

This design house sells eco-ethical clothing and accessories made through collaboration with different communities—both urban and indigenous. Through the brand's partnerships with social enterprises, indigenous artists are paid fairly and sustainably. Not only are their products beautiful and eco-friendly, they are also truly gawang Pinoy. If you love fashion and want to support artisans in the Philippines, you should check out Rags2Riches, Inc.

What are their products?

  • Clothing

  • Accessories

Where can you purchase their products?

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Spotify

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