So Taba Taba

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

by Michelle Mateo

So taba taba

this brown body

does not exist

to be erased

from the corrosive daggers

cleanly spilling from your mouth

wasps at the ready

appearing one by one

until they cover your body whole

wings blinking, little lighthouses

they warn me of the danger

of the rotting fiction

so taba taba

this brown body

does not exist

to shrink

the only weight unessential

is of your ragged opinions

stealthily slung onto my back

dragging legs beneath

a minute on your lips

forever in the ability

to see my self,

my worth

so taba taba

this body is a fortress

built to trudge into miles of land

a forest of malleable armor

slipping into wispy mist

a canoe floating down a water web

soft mud steps against wakes of lightning

living turbid above the canopies

a shelter

guiding arms of hovering branches

cradle beams between the swallowing storm

so taba taba

this brown body

a crash

a tiger slick thunderclap

reverberating the chests

a rising water

you will question walking through

a rippling struck animal skin

a beacon

a wave

We want to thank Michelle for her contribution. Follow her on Instagram!

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