by Fish Out of Water

Listen to the beat, the rhythm and its speed. Can you feel the dread, the impact and its scream? When all we do is moan, couch, toll and snick, moil, sob and merry-make And all we think and feel is I, just I.

Oh! sweet child, born with such sweet smile. How can a child atone the sins one neither did, seen nor touched? How can you atone the sins you never knew there was? How can we atone the sins we were taught to repeat?

Lines are drawn between I and You, a line where nature is defined as me and you. How can we erase the exhaustive mark? When nature is we, nothing less than us and more than ours. Nature is We, the trees, the snakes, the air, the child, the grass, the beasts and the fire. Listen to the beat, the rhythm and its speed. And after all of these, the truth will ever be, Nature is We.

We want to thank Fish Out of Water for her contribution! You can follow her on Instagram.

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