Of the Brave and Isolated

Updated: Feb 9

By Angelica Mitra

Tonight, I will build my own castle with high walls and sturdy windows.

No one will be allowed to pass

because no one ever dares.

No one leaves because no one wishes to sit beside me.

I will lock myself and try to count the words I’ve uttered

and the strands of hair I have intentionally plucked.

I will stare at the stars until it burns my skin and my eyes will stay shiny.

I will feel everything and nothing at all.

I will live and spread my fingers and feel the wind in every corners of my skin.

I will walk and go where I want to even though I don’t know where that will be.

I will roam the world

and come back to my high-walled castle

with iron windows and iron-hearted guards.

I will live in my own world and rule my own kingdom.

There will be no king to marry

and no children to bear.

No battles to win

and no lands to reign over.

There will be nothing

And nothing will be enough.

We want to thank Angelica for her contribution! You can follow her on Instagram.

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