Let's REALLY talk about bodies

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

by Syme de Leon

Not in passing, in whispers, or in judgement.

And not just about bodies that make it on screen,

or about parts of our bodies that we are told to value.

Let's talk about our body pleasures and shames,

body boundaries, and body languages.

Exchange stories about the first time we learnt to hate a part of ourselves,

and our journey of unlearning.

Ask each other questions about sex, consent, our hormones,

what empowerment looks like to us, and how we choose to express it.

Show each other the stretch marks on our skin and the body hair that embrace us.

Check on each other - make sure we are kind to ourselves, sleep well, stay hydrated,

and rest when we need it.

And tell each other we are beautiful. Over and over.

We want to thank Syme for her contribution! Follow her on Instagram.

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