In the Eyes of the Beholder

What's the first thing you think when you hear the word love? How would you define love in your own words? The Filipina Feminists asked some friends their take on the L-word in the spirit of Valentines. These answers show how love is in the eyes of the beholder, how our perception of love may differ due to our diverse cultures and life experiences.

"Love sometimes may be putting your needs and wants above others. Other times, it’s putting other people’s needs and wants above your own. It’s difficult to know which kind of love is required at certain times, but such is life."— N. F.

"Love is when you accept that people are not perfect. Love is when you’re fine changing plans just because they had a bad day. Love is when you just look at them and have nothing else to say. Love is understanding when they have to be away. Love is a touch of assurance that it’s gonna be okay."—@vmilos360, Architect and proudly gay #loveislove

"Love can be found in the simplest moments: when your boyfriend remembers your favorite song so he sings it to you when you can’t sleep; when your grumpy sister shares her hard-earned food with you; when your mom texts you, asking where you are, when you’re still out at midnight with your friends; when your friend listens to your life problems.

All of these show sweet and precious love. It’s not limited to grand gestures or romantic surprises. It’s the time, energy and effort your loved ones put into with you."—@ikalirio, Platform Support Engineer and part-time wedding singer

"Love is choosing the person every single day."—@keeshialeyran, Industrial Designer
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