I Got You

by Bb. Maria Klara

Things really don’t always have to be this way.

You’re not Atlas, so don’t bear it all on your shoulders.

These days, who still cares about what boomers say?

Be warm, fuzzy, soft, friendly, an emotional hoarder.

I can see how you’re caving to great expectations,

You don’t have to conform to how you pull your own weight.

It’s okay to not always be at your peak conditions

So as long as yourself is someone you don’t hate.

Take my hand if halfway is somewhere we can meet.

I’ll be macho like you, you’ll be fragile like me.

In this era, there are so many odds to defeat.

You and I aren’t that different, we’ll make them all see.

We have always been equals, since Adam and Eve;

Sister, friend, lover, ally. Know that I’ll never leave.

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