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For the month of July, we’re featuring four empowered and empowering women over on our Instagram, @thefilipinafeminists. We chose these women because they balance work with advocacy, which inspire us as advocates for positive change as well. Meet Nikka Arcilla, Gab Pangilinan, Justine L.T. Chua, and Em Millan.

Nikki Arcilla

Co-Founder of Girls Got Game PH & Product Marketing Manager at Google Play

Nikka Arcilla is a Product Marketing Manager at Google Play. She’s also the co-founder of Girls Got Game PH, a non-profit organization that aims to empower girls and women through sports, equipping “pre-teen girls with an athlete’s mind and body” so they can “rise out of their current situations and break the cycle of poverty.” With her co-founder Krizanne Ty and the rest of the GGG team, she organizes “roving sports camp for pre-adolescent girls from underprivileged communities around the Philippines.”

As we become more dependent on and attached to our mobile devices, kids have less time to be active nowadays. That’s why we love Nikka’s advocacy. Not only does she give underprivileged girls an opportunity to learn, participate in, and enjoy sports, she also teaches them to use it as a way to overcome poverty.

Justine L.T. Chua

Founder of The Bumpy Career & Category Operations Executive at Unilever and Co-Founder of Leviathan Shoes

Justine L.T. Chua is a Category Operations Executive at Unilever and co-founder of Leviathan Shoes, a locally made men’s footwear brand. This young entrepreneur also created The Bumpy Career, a blog on interning and job hunting that specifically aims to help Gen Z youth. Here, you can find tips on how to write a resume, present your best self, and find an internship that fits your skills and schedule. Since she founded this blog, she has also given more than fifty talks across the Greater Manila to inspire students and youth who are about to enter the workforce.

Justine’s blog has a lot of great information for those who are new to the job scene. Aside from her helpful articles, she also offers services, like her DIY Resume Zip Pack and Resume Consultation, which you can avail through her website. She has coached more than 200 people who are looking for internships and jobs, which shows us how passionate she really is to help the youth to find their place in the workplace.

Em Millan

Fashion Stylist & LGBTQ+ Advocate

Em Millan, part of the famous fashion stylist duo Team Rain x Em, is an out and proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. What most people might not know is that Em had to come out twice— first as a gay man then as a transgender woman. Media representation back then felt very unfit as it seemed like there was just gay and straight. In her travels abroad and her research, she came to know the kind of truth she wanted to live in and it was great that her family was accepting of her identity.

When it comes to her work as a stylist, Bianca Gonzalez, Christian Bautista, and Maymay Entrata are just some of the celebrities whom Em has worked with. Both of us really love the elegant simplicity of her aesthetic. Her work reflects a sense of playfulness when it comes to pairing trendy statement pieces with some classic and timeless ones. Em also has a great eye for creating #OOTDs perfect for the workplace.

If you want to see more of her ensembles and #OOTDs, check out her Instagram account and the RAIN X EM Facebook page.

Gab Pangilinan

Theatre Actress & Performing Arts Advocate

You may know her as Joy from the famous Pinoy musical Ang Huling El Bimbo. Gab Pangilinan is one of the Filipina voices that you’ll never get tired of listening to. In an interview, she revealed that she used to be a broker and does theater on the side. Eventually, she followed her heart and did theater as a profession.

Gab landed roles such as Gloria Estefan in On Your Feet, Roxane in Mula sa Buwan, Daisy Hilton in the Side Show, and the lead vocal singer of The Shirelles and Marilyn Wald in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.

This just proves that a fulfilling job is not just about the pay but about pursuing your passion and giving it your all. We love Gab for taking the leap and inspiring us to chase our dreams. She also inspires the Filipino youth to pursue the performing arts, which is truly underappreciated here in the Philippines.

The downloadable PDF version of The WORK Issue includes an exclusive interview with Justine L.T. Chua and Em Millan! We talked to them further about their work and advocacy, and asked their opinion regarding workplace sexism and tips on how to cope with burnout.

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