A Covenant

by Andrea Nicole B. Sapnu

A sole blemish on this bleak

universe of a white board, I

will be presented to the class

as a sentence fragment

of a creation myth

and I dare that you make

an epic poem out of the letters

of my name, that the paper

bleeds with each stroke

and ink trickles toward the

edge of a page like waterfall

descending unto a river table.

I want to have my initials

sprawled unto every

freshly-painted wall of this city

in scraggly lettering as if branded

by the devil himself.

And when this hell-bent deed

has come to its close, I

will not guarantee a millennium

of your bloodline, or your


I promise of a heart that

has endured the great flood, and

multitudes of drought,

and could still cut an ocean

in half.

We want to thank Andrea for her contribution! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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