by Bb. Maria Klara

Is love really just another chemical reaction?

A matured and refined version of infatuation?

Transcending the words, evading definition,

The feeling, though fleeting, challenges tradition.

Is love really as great as those in love say?

That it’s what makes the sun rise every day?

Does it really make life better in every way?

Even for those who aren’t straight, the lesbian, the gay?

Is love really the single greatest legal high?

Acceptable, even for the pan and the bi?

Even the aces, who could choose to deny,

The pleasure of sex as they can get by.

Is love constant and certain now as before?

That forever for man and wife, nothing more?

To comprehend new devotion seems to be a chore,

But without LGBTQ, life would be a bore.

Is love meant to be bound by a strict set of rules?

If I liked someone like me, I wouldn’t be cool?

Though it’s definitely something I learned out of school,

That to not follow one’s heart is what makes a true fool.

Is love really blind, beyond the first glance?

As a heart in love beats for both cis and trans.

Love should not yield to society’s demands,

Human beings seize love at whatever chance.

Is love truly gentle? Is love truly kind?

If there’s a wrong way to love, and people would mind?

But it’s in all kinds of places, the love you can find,

There should be no restrictions for who you’ll have pined.

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