0720 The MAN Issue

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

In this issue: An interview with John Manalo, A Practical Guide to Detoxifying Boys, The Feminist Man Starter Pack, and more...

Message from the Editors

This is a feminist magazine, right? So you might be wondering why the heck we would have a whole issue dedicated to men when we’re supposed to be empowering women. This is because we recognize the impact of feminism to men and how men can contribute to the movement. We believe men can be feminists, too.

The MAN Issue shifts the spotlight briefly to the men—our feminist allies who believe that one of the solutions against sexism is to dismantle the toxic masculinity embedded in our culture. We feature John Manalo, a Filipino celebrity (Goin’ Bulilit alumnus) who uses his platform to create content on social justice. E shares in her article how we should retire the “Boys will be boys” mantra and how we can raise boys to be feminists. Meanwhile, J discusses some steps on how men could be allies of the feminism movement and how they could help without taking up women’s space.

Another edition of our TFFs Picks highlights some amazing men in our favorite series. These characters definitely redefine what it means to be a man. They show us that manhood—the nontoxic version we hope to be the new normal—also means embracing their vulnerability and showing their emotions in a healthy way. We’re also featuring four Filipinos who are promoting equality for all.

We love our men, but not the toxic and systemic bullshit that enables sexism to persist. Together, let’s dismantle the patriarchy!


The Filipina Feminists

Table of Contents

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