0420 The ENVIRONMENT Issue

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

In this issue: The Stolen Islands of the Philippines, Mother Nature and the COVID Spell, an Interview with Filipina Eco-Entrepreneurs, Filipina Environmentalists, and more...

Message from the Editors

Last April 22, 2020, we celebrated Earth Day in a somewhat unorthodox manner. There weren't any tree planting events, beach cleaning drives, and other activities that are commonly organized during this time of the year because of the COVID-19 crisis. We all know that we're living in uncertain times. This pandemic has affected our normal lives.

But if there's one good thing that this crisis has brought us, it's giving Mother Earth a chance to rest and recover. We've seen clear, blue skies free from smog. The ozone layer is healing itself. With significantly less human activity, there is also significantly lower levels of pollution across the world.

In The ENVIRONMENT Issue, we want to examine this trade-off and to ask ourselves: What can we do to help Mother Earth continue her healing process once the crisis is over? J looks into the "COVID spell" and the wonders it has done for nature. We also talked to a few Filipina entrepreneurs who have established eco-friendly and sustainable brands to ask them for tips on how we can live more environmental lifestyles. Meanwhile, E investigates the global terror that is China and how they have taken advantage of the pandemic by stealing the Philippines' islands and seas. Lastly, we're introducing four Filipina environmentalists who have made an impact in protecting the country's natural resources.

The ENVIRONMENT Issue is all about Mother Earth. We want to remind everyone that we have a role to play in conserving and preserving the planet because there is literally no Planet B. We hope that you find some helpful insights into how you can make your own contribution. When it comes to protecting Mother Earth, no step is too humble.

Let's celebrate Earth Day everyday.


The Filipina Feminists

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Table of Contents

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From J&E

  • Creating Change with Humble Steps The Filipina Feminists spoke to Roanna Medina of the Humble Market to ask her advice on how to start a business and embrace a more environmental lifestyle. How does she make environmentalism a more personal issue? As a successful business owner, what tips can she give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

  • 5 Filipina Bosses on Environmentalism and Entrepreneurship The Filipina Feminists asked five Filipina eco-entrepreneurs the same five questions that we asked this issue's feature, Roanna Medina of the Humble Market. Meet Kristina Reyes-Lopez, Nikki Sevilla, Celina Reyes-Alejandrino, Maan Aguila, and Tini Dahl.

  • Mother Nature Amid the COVID Spell The daily grind has kept Mother Nature in a constant state of sickness. This was our everyday normal. With the extended ECQ, J asks: How is the "new normal" affecting the environment?

  • The Stolen Islands of the Philippines In grade school, we were taught that the Philippines has 7,107 islands. But that was before Duterte. In this article, E examines the West Philippine Sea and looks at the islands and natural resources that China, with Duterte's blessing, has stolen from the country.

  • Filipinas for the Environment This May, The Filipina Feminists are featuring four Filipinas who are fighting for Mother Nature and the Philippines' natural resources. Antoinette Taus, Marinel Ubaldo, Joanna Cariño, and Gina Lopez are environmentalists and trailblazers.

  • TFFs Picks: 10 Eco-Friendly Brands by Filipinas Find 10 eco-friendly brands that will help you make the switch to a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle!

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