0320 The EQUALITY Issue

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

In this issue: Gender and Class Struggles in the Midst of the Covid-19 Crisis, Women 2020 Summit, Filipinas for Equality, and more...

Message from the Editors

After our short hiatus, we're finally here with a back-to-back release: ExE. Onto the first half... the third issue of tffs. Magazine is entitled The EQUALITY Issue. March marks Women's Month, where we commemorate the fight of the past and anticipate the promise of a better future for women. Patriarchy has been a longstanding enemy and it needs to be taken down.

The EQUALITY Issue is a testament to how women have differentiated experiences in seemingly normal situations. Are women really empowered when we can't decide for our own bodies or feel safe in our own homes? Is feminism really obsolete or has simply become a buzzword for marketing and advertising products online? How is social class relevant to gender equality?

We got you covered with our own takes on COVID-19 and how it's influencing class and gender struggles. In this issue, we also have a double recap in store for you. First, J shares the lessons learned and some quotable quotes from the Women Summit 2020: Women in the Next Decade. Spoiler alert: we got to see VP Leni live and we got receipts! Second, we have a roundup of the Filipinas we featured last March. These Filpinas for Equality took their stand in controversial issues and we are excited for you to get to know them better.

The TFFs Picks include the best feminist books on our shelves and the ones on top of our to-buy list (they're always out of stock!). As feminists-in-progress, we do understand that we have a lot of learning to do. But more than educating ourselves, reading the works of these awesome women is truly a dose of motivation. Finally, our beloved followers shared their creative talent with us and we are excited to show you their labor of feminism.

To the kind hearts that continue to support us and offer their genuine love for The Filipina Feminists and what we stand for, thanks for empowering us further. To the women who came before us, we owe you the world we now know. There is still a lot to fight for but you have paved the way and raised us to know better and inspire the people around us. To those marching alongside us, we are indeed stronger together. There is power in femininity and womanhood; there is growth in our resistance. Finally, to the future generations, we can't wait to pass on the torch and see how you will light the fire of equality.


The Filipina Feminists

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Table of Contents

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From J&E

  • Are You Part of #GenerationEquality? J recaps when The Filipina Feminists attended Women Summit 2020: Women in the Next Decade last March 5. Included in this article are some of our favorite photos and quotable quotes from the gender trailblazers.

  • The Gendered Danger: Women in Quarantine J shares her take on how the COVID-19 pandemic endangers people within their own homes. Trigger warning: content may include mentions of abuse and domestic violence.

  • The DiSAPprobation against the Filipino Lower Class With most jobs put on hold because of the pandemic, the government's Social Amelioration Program (SAP) aims to ease the lives of the poor while the country is under enhanced community quarantine. So how did it start a rift between social classes? E examines the disapprobation against the lower class during this crisis.

  • Filipinas for Equality Last March, The Filipina Feminists featured Filipinas who are champions on the fight towards gender equality. These women are brave to face controversial issues like religion, divorce, and abortion - all of which are part of our fundamental rights as human beings.

  • TFFs Picks: 10 Books on Feminism Burn the excess quarantine time by flipping through these feminist books. Written by women for women and our right for equality. Flip through these pages recommended by The Filipina Feminists and let your inner feminist shine. You may be surprised with how much you can learn about the world and discover about yourself.

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