0220 The LOVE Issue

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

In this issue: What Love Is Not, Love Bi-Angle, an Interview with Rose Andrade, the Women who Redefine Love, and more...

Message from the Editors

Red hearts everywhere. Bouquets of flowers sold across the streets. Rom-coms played in the cinemas. What can we say—the Valentine hype is real! Growing up, we passed around slam books and filled it with our own definitions of love. Some of us looked the word up in a dictionary, while some probably asked older relatives. From there, we were taught how beautiful and painful love can be. We were given advice on how to play it right as soon as we hit puberty. In the Philippines, the ligaw (courting) culture is still prevalent. Most women are frowned upon for making the first move but we're also judged for playing hard to get. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

But there's more to love than you think. In the second issue of tffs. Magazine, we aim to show different perspectives on love. E takes an alternative route by attempting to define what love is not—the things we may know about it that we should unlearn right now. Meanwhile, J talks about love misconceptions that she has already shed from her system and her experience being in a nurturing heterosexual relationship as a bisexual ciswoman.

As a tribute to all the strong and independent women, we scored an interview with Rose Andrade who is an excellent Mathematics professor in Laguna. She is 32 years old and proudly single. In our interview, she expresses love in various ways: as a caring daughter and sister, as a maternal teacher, and as a true friend in discipleship.

In this issue, we included submissions from our beloved followers and we can't wait for these works to touch your hearts, too. Some of our friends were also game to share with us what first comes to mind when they think of the L-word. Moreover, we did a recap of our February #WomanWednesday Instagram features, so you can get to know the four awesome Filipinas who embody self-love, platonic love, maternal love, and unconditional love. Lastly, as part of our #TFFsPicks, we provided you a list of our favorite TV and movie characters who defy romantic tropes.

The LOVE Issue delves into how our perception of love may have been twisted. Society expects us to stay true to tradition—be married and have families at a certain age. Or how romantic and true love is our ultimate end. That's not the case for everyone, though. We hope to give voice to those who are complete and content in their singlehood. We want to reinforce healthy relationships to those who are in pursuit of love, no matter what form it takes up. So the next time you're asked "What is love?", you won't have to Google it or give a cheesy-as-hell answer. You can celebrate more kinds of love—those that already exist in your life, whether they may be romantic or not.

Warm thanks to all those who supported our first issue and those who continue to be pillars of encouragement for the both of us.


The Filipina Feminists

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Table of Contents

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From J&E

  • Breaking Love's ROSE-Colored Glasses Intelligent, accomplished, successful, kind, and generous—Rose Andrade is the perfect catch. But she's 32 and still single, which makes a lot of people in her life wonder why. The Filipina Feminists interviewed this charming and independent woman and asked her about the never-ending search for Mr. Right.

  • Love Bi-Angle J narrates how problematic gender stereotypes initially influenced her view on relationships and how she overcame them. In this essay, she also shares the privileges and disadvantages of being in a heterosexual relationship as a bisexual ciswoman.

  • What Love Is Not In this personal essay, E talks about all the things that love is not based on her romantic experiences as a woman in her mid-20's and how they were affected by the ridiculous standards that Disney, TV shows, and romcom films have perpetrated.

  • The Women who Redefine Love This February, The Filipina Feminists featured Filipinas who prove that love is not always "hetero-mantic". These strong women showcase self-love, parental love, platonic love, and a love that transcends gender stereotypes.

  • TFFs Picks: 5 Duos that Defy Romantic Tropes Love is not all about romance. Here are some of our favorite TV characters who prove that platonic friendships exist and that this type of love is more than acceptable—it’s beautiful.

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