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We're J&E and we're The Filipina Feminists, here to change the way the world perceives Filipina power and strength. We want to talk about social issues that affect women, to shape a better society for girls, to promote sisterhood, and to show the world what Filipinas are capable of. Join us on our mission: To increase awareness about feminism and to use our womanhood to promote equality for all.

​J&E met at the University of the Philippines Diliman where they both studied at the UP School of Economics. After years of friendship, they realized that they need to create a platform where they can talk about important social issues that affect women in the country and all over the world.


As feminists, J&E want to have a safe space where they can build a community of girls supporting other girls, where they can address inequality, and where they can promote feminism as a movement that people of all genders should join and follow. Their shared passion led to the creation of The Filipina Feminists, a blog centered on feminism, womanhood, and sisterhood.

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